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jQuery quirks

Ok folks. let's get technical here (been a while, hasn't it)? So I decided to start using jQuery instead of Prototype as the JavaScript framework for my next project. Overall I am very happy with it (great plugins, good performance, cleaner overall structure, etc...). It does have a few weird things about it though which people should bear in mind. Nothing that would stop people from using it, but things people should know. In Prototype, the $() function returns an HTML element and the Prototype uses the prototype keyword to add extra functionality to the vanilla elements in the page (hence its name). In jQuery, the $() function actually returns a jQuery object which is bound to the HTML element. This jQuery object then encompasses most of the functionality you will ever need on an element. For the most part, this is a good thing. By using this strategy, jQuery is non invasive and will play nice with any other JS framework (it even has a noConflict mode in case you want to us