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Checking performance in EaselJS apps

So one of the great things about EaselJS  is the fact that you can create Flash like games in JavaScript. I have been doing so on for the last couple of years. Unfortunately, it came to our attention that on some systems, the games ran rather slowly. According to their own docs, they admit that the time between ticks might be greater than specified because of CPU load ( ). So, is there any way we can track the actual time between ticks on a real system? Fortunately, yes, we can. On each element that uses the ticker, you can set up an addEventListener and set the method you want to fire on that interval. createjs.Ticker.addEventListener('tick', tickListener); In the method itself you will want a few instance (or global) variables this.previousFrameTime this.totalFrames this.totalFrameTimes as well as a local variable currentFrameTime On each tick, we get the cu